InfoArmor's PrivacyArmor®
Provides A Comprehensive Defense Against Identity Theft

Identity theft affected over 16.7 million Americans last year and is the fastest growing crime in the country. Get protected with industry leading identity protection from InfoArmor. By proactively monitoring for identity misuse, you are able to focus on more important things and leave the identity protection and restoration to the experts.

You Will Receive:

  • PrivacyArmor monitors credit transactions, credit bureau reporting, and the dark web for compromised credentials to help stop identity theft at its first sign.
  • High-touch care (including live phone calls) from Privacy Advocates® to complete the work from start to case completion
  • IdentityMD® to provide tips, tools, and resources to prevent identity theft as well as restore an identity (includes assistance in pulling free credit reports from the three bureaus)
  • Three Year Rolling History which monitors your identity for past adverse events that may affect your identity.
  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy to protect against out-of-pocket costs associated with identity theft including lost wages, legal fees and postage
  • Digital Identity Report – this interactive, easy-to-read report summarizes what a real-time deep internet search finds out about your identity, offers a Privacy Grade and tips to better secure your personal information

With PrivacyArmor, identity monitoring is a snap
SNAPD® Identity Monitoring uses innovative technology and your Social Security number, Name, Address, Phone, and Date of birth to scan over a billion consumer transactions (including applications from banks, wireless providers and credit card issuers) to identify questionable activity or evidence of fraud. SNAPD Identity Monitoring can detect questionable behavior up to 90 days sooner than credit-monitoring can minimizing damage and the time and effort required to remedy any problems.

PrivacyArmor couples innovative technology with world class customer care
Our Privacy Advocates are trained and certified experts on identity theft and restoration. They are on standby, ready to notify victims of fraudulent activity by phone and act as a dedicated case manager from the first red-flag indicating a problem to its full and complete resolution. Their training, insight, and familiarity with specific cases equip them to offer explicit suggestions on preventative steps to deter future problems as well as offering their expertise to resolve identity issues.

For added peace of mind, you will also receive $1,000,000 insurance coverage for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the process of recovering from identity fraud, a benefit that ensures minimal disruption of your financial security. This insurance policy is backed by Travelers and can include items such as lost wages, legal fees, and even postage.

Equipping individuals in the fight against identity theft IdentityMD and reduced junk mail round out our suite of protection service by an interactive online tool. It has tips, tools, and resources to not only prevent identity theft, it also acts as your personal roadmap to identity protection telling you what to do each step of the way. Reduced unwanted solicitations, preapproved credit card offers and junk mail help to limit exposure of personal information.